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Notable Cases

Drastically Reduced Sentence in Real Estate Fraud Case

For nearly a decade, the full resources of the Department of Justice were brought to bear in the prosecution of a corrupt Denver land developer. Utilizing a common tactic, the government also decided to prosecute the developer’s uneducated assistant and translator. When the developer’s assistant came to The Eichner Law Firm, he was laying carpet to provide for his family, both in America and abroad. Although he had not worked for the developer for years, he faced a sentence of over seven years in a federal penitentiary for his part in the developer’s scheme to defraud homeowners and the government. The Eichner Law Firm’s team of criminal defense specialists acted swiftly, gathering evidence and securing expert testimony in order to paint a more accurate picture of the client’s precise role in the alleged fraud. The Eichner Law Firm brought on a highly-respected forensic psychologist who demonstrated our client did not have the ability to comprehend the complexities of the developer’s scheme. The psychologist’s findings were further articulated by another member of our team, the former general counsel for the Department of Housing & Urban Development. Our lead investigator, Maria Garcia, used her skills as a Spanish and English interpreter to find witnesses that contradicted the government’s tale of our client’s role. Our senior associate, Michael Delcour, combed through tens of thousands of pages of discovery, eventually finding key pieces of exculpatory evidence that showed the minimal nature of our client’s involvement. The judge was so convinced of the distinctions between the two defendants that he severed the case, ultimately resulting in a seven-year sentence for the developer and a greatly reduced, one and a half-year sentence for our client.

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