Across the country there is widespread mistreatment of prisoners by the officers and guards responsible for keeping them safe. One of our clients was a young man taken into custody for a minor offense who experienced firsthand the abuses that often occur within prisons and jails out of the public eye. While in custody, our client was brutally assaulted by multiple officers who then falsely accused him of assaulting them in an attempt to cover up their own excessive force misconduct. Due to this outrageous falsehood, our client was charged with felony assault against the police—a charge that carries a mandatory prison sentence. Through our meticulous investigation we uncovered indisputable evidence that demonstrated that the officers had not only fabricated their claims against the young man, but that they had violated his constitutionally protected rights by violently assaulting him. This unquestionable evidence triggered the dismissal of this felony criminal case and paved the way for him to recover a six-figure monetary damages award for the physical and emotional abuse as well an agreement by the local government to institute more humanitarian jail policies.

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