Practice Areas

Criminal Litigation


We are a small firm that obtains big results. For a quarter of a century, clients have trusted us to assist them in bet-your-life, bet-your-company criminal litigation. We understand that a criminal charge is incredibly traumatic. The emotional wreckage as events spin out of control is devastating. Our driven, talented litigators are supported by experts in every field, including former law enforcement officers, IRS special agents, directors of enforcement of Colorado’s Department of Revenue, and securities fraud experts, to mention a few. Often those investigative reports help us get charges dropped or win at trial in misdemeanor and felony cases throughout the state of Colorado as well as federal criminal charges all over the country. There are no cutting corners when life, liberty, and reputation are on the line.

  • Fraud & Embezzlement
  • Sex Offenses
  • IRS Bitcoin Audits
  • Assault & Domestic Violence
  • Racketeering & Money Laundering
  • Protection/Restraining Orders
  • Securities & Health Care Fraud
  • Cannabis Offenses
  • Tax Offenses
  • Anti-Money Laundering Act & Bank Secrecy Act
  • Conspiracy
  • Mail & Wire Fraud
  • Attorney General, Government & Congressional Investigations
  • Procurement Fraud
  • Grand Jury Investigations
  • Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)
  • Theft & Embezzlement
  • Environmental Offenses & Compliance
  • Antitrust
  • Export/Import Violations
  • Probation Violations/Sentencing Representation
  • Public Corruption & Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
  • Homicide
  • Drug Possession & Distribution
  • Firearms & Weapons
  • Civil & Criminal Asset Forfeiture
  • Juvenile Offenses & Student Rights
  • Drunk Driving & Vehicular Offenses

Regulatory Litigation


The expansive authority of regulatory agencies reaches from the licensing and oversight of professional disciplines to the regulation of marijuana and other major industries. For twenty-five years we have litigated for professionals and businesses that have found themselves the targets of investigations, professional discipline proceedings, or compliance actions. Doctors, lawyers, nurses, pharmacists, mortgage brokers, stock traders, judges, accountants, casino owners - we have successfully protected every type of regulated professional license, students at conduct hearings in colleges and universities, and marijuana license owners. Eichner Law is a leader in marijuana regulatory defense, supported by the former head of enforcement that oversaw the MED. Our trial lawyers broke the mold and challenged the status quo to become the first team ever to set a thirty-witness trial at the MED to protect a licensee in the cannabis space. The MED withdrew its complaint in light of our thorough preparation to present our client’s story in a clear, concise, and compelling way. Similar results have been achieved in the areas of tax and securities.

  • Marijuana Regulation
  • Professional Disciplinary Actions
  • School Disciplinary Boards
  • School Title IX Cases
  • Gaming & Liquor Licensing
  • Proceedings Before the Securities & Exchange Commission
  • Litigation Before State & Federal Regulatory Authorities
  • DORA Matters
  • IRS Bitcoin Civil Subpoenas
  • Investigative Matters Before the Colorado Office of the Attorney General
  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC)
  • Matters Before the U.S. Office of the Inspector General
  • National Security/Security Clearances

Civil Litigation


Our civil litigation practice has been a natural outgrowth of handling thousands of court hearings involving complex criminal litigation – simply put, we are built to tell your story and make it compelling. Our first-rate trial lawyers are pleased to offer our services to individuals whose rights have been violated by governmental, corporate, and institutional abuses of power. As plaintiffs’ attorneys, we have earned our clients six-figure settlements for police brutality and seven-figure verdicts in cases involving malicious prosecution. Our attorneys are routinely on both sides of the aisle and defend individuals against claims of defamation, civil assault, civil fraud, and theft. Our civil practice is another environment where excellence and courageous representation are expected and delivered. Our firm routinely serves as local counsel and is currently assisting a national firm in an intellectual property dispute seeking over $1 billion in damages in federal district court in Denver.

  • Asset Forfeiture
  • Malicious Prosecution
  • Police Brutality
  • Securities
  • Government Contracts
  • Business Fraud & Torts
  • Defamation
  • Civil Assault
  • Commercial Disputes

Appellate Litigation


Successful appellate advocacy starts at the trial court, where our attorneys expertly frame and preserve issues for appeal. But even with skilled representation at trial, things can still go wrong when proper procedures are ignored, jury instructions are defective, or the law is misinterpreted. When there is trouble at the trial court, you can trust us to set the record straight. No issue is too complex, and we have successfully litigated complex constitutional and white-collar issues in over 50 appeals in the Colorado Court of Appeals, the Colorado Supreme Court, and the Seventh, Ninth, and Tenth Circuits. Whether the matter is civil, criminal, or administrative, our comprehensive research and professional presentation of the core issues shine through in every appeal that we manage.