Winning is in our DNA

We specialize in defending the most serious of allegations involving white-collar crimes, domestic violence, sex crimes, drug offenses, marijuana regulation, and professional discipline. We also take select civil cases in which a person’s dignity or rights are marginalized. Our success hinges on an extraordinarily thorough review of the evidence and deep expertise and skill in trial litigation. Unlike other firms that handle hundreds of cases at once, we only take on a small group of clients in order to dedicate our full concentration and resources to achieving the best possible outcomes.

January 23, 1998

Ken Eichner delivering final statement as the District Attorney for Prince George’s County in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Helmed by former prosecutors and public defenders, the Eichner Law Firm is Colorado’s premier criminal defense firm, representing individuals and corporations in criminal prosecutions, regulatory investigations, grand jury proceedings, and internal investigations.

One goal: winning trials. Our clients all have cases headed to trial in county, state, or federal court. Our firm knows the ins and outs of the court systems and all the players. We routinely form strategic alliances with the nation’s most prominent law firms. We fight aggressively, no matter the charge.

Our firm uses a focused team approach in preparation, investigation, motions practice, and trial presentation. Beyond offering exceptionally talented attorneys and highly credentialed experts, TELF brings state-of-the-art technological expertise and creativity to every case. Our firm’s DNA is to never be out-thought, out-worked, or out-hustled. Our trial team’s collective experience has amassed thousands of motions hearings, over 500 bench trials, and 200 jury trials. Those numbers are accompanied by a staggering success rate of acquittals and dismissals, and the highest verdict in Colorado history against a corporation in a defamation jury trial stemming from a person of color’s wrongful imprisonment for one night in jail. Our clients’ needs come first, whether the client is a presidential candidate, college student, or factory worker. We have a track record of winning high-stakes trials and will fight tirelessly to protect you or your company. Our efforts have led to permanent positive social change both locally and nationally.