Our client, a former soldier, spent over a decade working for a disaster restoration company. Whenever someone’s house flooded, he was the person that knocked on the door at 2:00 a.m. with a crew eager to help. The company derived its revenue from multiple insurance companies, such as State Farm and other familiar household names. The insurance companies found billing irregularities and reported the overpayments to federal investigators. After a three-year investigation, federal prosecutors charged the company’s ten C-suite executives, including our client, with over fifty counts of fraud. Disaster has struck our client’s life. He and his family were devastated by the criminal indictment for all the obvious reasons: it was a false accusation, our client faced years in prison, and the Department of Justice’s elite legal teams almost always win. (Only 2% of federal criminal cases go to trial, and of those that proceed to trial, the government obtains convictions 98% of the time.) During the month-long trial, we fought against this massive government overreach and showed the jury that regardless of whether the alleged conduct was fraudulent, our client was not a financial decision maker and had nothing to do with the corporation’s billing models. The jury agreed with us and acquitted our client of all charges.

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