Drug sting operations conducted by the government were popular in the 1980s. The best example is the John DeLorean case in which DEA agents pretended to be drug dealers. That case resulted in a not guilty because the jury concluded that he was the victim of clear government entrapment. Our client was in the same situation in the same era but ended up getting convicted of a felony for making an inquiry about selling narcotics. Because he was too indigent at that time to hire a competent defense attorney and fashion an entrapment defense, it resulted in a devastating injustice.

Unable to secure a job as a felon but undeterred to make a difference, he founded a public utility company. In addition to employing hundreds over the next four decades, he was a business leader, a community leader, and a major philanthropic force. However, many of his rights continued to be curtailed because of his criminal conviction. We presented both the deficiencies in the underlying case, as well as his lifetime achievements and contributions, to the judge, the prosecutor, the clemency board and ultimately the Governor. Our firm was hired to call out the injustice and, in an extremely rare occurrence, Governor Polis agreed.

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