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Notable Cases

Presidential Candidate Clinton Email Controversy

Though ultimately unfounded, the accusations against Hillary Clinton regarding the use of a private email server created legal havoc for the IT service company that managed her technology. When Congress and the FBI came knocking, The IT company called Kenneth Eichner and his team of technology experts and investigators to protect the company.

The Eichner Law Firm was uniquely positioned in this case. Ken, a Washington, D.C. native with close ties to many in the political establishment, was able to deftly navigate the political processes driving the investigations. Michael Delcour, an attorney with extensive technological expertise, understood the core issues of the case, including email retention policies, data recovery, and cyber-security. Collectively, the Eichner Law Firm protected the IT company and its employees through multiple FBI interviews and the execution of publically demeaning search warrants, repeated subpoena requests, and aggressive congressional hearings.

Most importantly, Ken secured immunity for key personnel in the government's investigation, allowing the IT company to both cooperate with the process while also protecting its employees from unfair harm. Ultimately, by carefully orchestrating the disclosure of subpoenaed emails and documents to Congress and the FBI, the Eichner Law Firm played an essential role in promoting transparency in an important federal investigation while vigorously protecting the interests of its client.

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