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Notable Cases

Acquittal in Child Molestation Trial

A successful business executive divorced his wife and fell in love with another woman. Unhappy and jealous, the former wife went to a police station and claimed that her former husband sexually molested her child from another marriage. The mother coached the child to tell a sordid tale. When interviewed by the police, the child performed as she was taught to, and the executive was charged with the heinous crime of sexual assault on a child. The executive hired The Eichner Law Firm. Our investigation found that his former wife had a lengthy criminal record, including other allegations about our client that the District Attorney's Office had found to be false. The investigation also revealed that her child was taken from the wife’s custody for a time by social services because of her own parental misconduct. Social services records also indicated that the child had been molested at a foster home. We presented these facts to the jury. After two hours of deliberation, they voted to acquit.

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