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Over 85 5-Star Client Reviews

Below are representative endorsements and reviews from clients and other attorneys who have chosen to share their experiences working with The Eichner Law Firm. For a full list of all endorsements and reviews, please click here.

Attorney Endorsements

  • Former Federal Judge
    Daniel B. Sparr

"Ken displayed enormous raw talent in my courtroom."

  • Congressman
    Ed Perlmutter

"A superb trial lawyer."

  • Judge
    William M. Manico

"As the chief prosecutor of the homicide unit, I worked with Ken for many years. He is one of the brightest and most talented criminal trial lawyers I have ever seen—and I have seen many."

  • Attorney
    Tom Tenenbaum

"I have worked with Ken Eichner on complex cases with securities law issues. So, I know first-hand that his stellar reputation is well-deserved, as are the awards and accolades he has received in recognition of his elite standing among the top-tier of criminal defense attorneys. There is real substance backing up Ken’s award-winning reputation. He works hard and smart, he is always on top of the case- effectively moving out front to get the facts and the law to fully understand how best to mount a defense at the earliest stage- to the point that he has even in some instances persuaded authorities not to indict or level charges. He has the knowledge and skills that can only come from extensive experience, add to that his unfailingly polite sincere personality and the result is one of the best criminal defense trial lawyers I have known."

Client Reviews

  • Posted by anonymous
  • February 19, 2019

The Law Firm That Gets It Done

I hired the Eichner Law Firm to fight a case where I had been over-charged and treated unfairly. Ken and Kate went after every possible defense. Their investigator, a former police officer, attacked my police officer’s report, which was a game changer. Ken’s associate Kate got after it like nobody’s business and achieved an amazing result.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • February 17, 2019

Excellent Lawyer

The entire team at Eichner Law Firm is highly professional, just, and personable. I turned to them in a time of need and these wonderful people got my case booted. Without them, my career and business would have been significantly impacted. I highly recommend Eichner Law Firm, and couldn't imagine using anyone else.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • October 31, 2018

Do Not Look Anywhere Else!

I tasked Ken Eichner and his team to look into a matter and was impressed with his legal skills as well as his knowledge of medical forensics.
Ken is a brilliant strategist and negotiator, and he stopped an indictment that would have ended my career. Recommend.

  • Posted by Michele
  • October 28, 2018

The Very Best in Denver

I was very impressed with the Eichner Law Firm’s team. Ken, Kate, Mike and the investigators who worked hard to identify the flaws with the government’s case against me and my company. Their focus and determination resulted in two great outcomes, one with the DA’s office and the other with the Colorado Department of Revenue’s enforcement division. High I.Q. group, two thumbs up!!!

  • Posted by Tim
  • October 25, 2018

Top Notch Defense Attorney

I unexpectedly needed a defense attorney recently. Ken Eichner was highly recommended by prominent local friends. He handled the government inquiry and media crush flawlessly. He guided me through the process seamlessly, eased my concerns until there were none. I HIGHLY recommend Ken. I would also like to add he has and continues to serve the LGBT in their legal matters. Doesn't hurt that he's from Maryland, too!