Jonathan Greenlee

Senior Counsel

Portait by Noli Novak,
editorial illustrator for the Wall Street Journal

Jonathan Greenlee

Honors, Distinctions, and Education

  • 2023 – Present Senior Counsel, Eichner Law Firm.
  • 2019 – 2023 Attorney, Jurdem LLC.
  • 2019 U.S. District Court District of Colorado Bar Admission
  • 2018 – 2019 Senior Deputy Public Defender, Arapahoe County Trial Office
  • 2014 – 2018 Deputy Public Defender, Arapahoe County Trial Office
  • 2013 – 2014 Attorney, Eichner Law Firm
  • 2013 Law Clerk, Eichner Law Firm
  • 2013 Colorado Bar Admission
  • 2013 Juris Doctor, University of Colorado School of Law, Boulder, Colorado
  • 2019 – Present Coach for CU Law NTC mock trial competition team
  • 2010 B.A. John Brown University, Siloam Springs, Arkansas
  • Honors, CU Law NTC National Mock Trial Team, 2012 TYLA Regional Finalist, 2013 TYLA Regional Champion, 2012 Carrigan Cup Winner, Barristers Council, Hogan Lovell Cup Chair
  • Honors, JBU Summa cum laude, presidential honors, alpha chi, History

Jonathan Greenlee has a reputation for being unafraid to take the most challenging and complicated criminal cases to trial. Having litigated countless motions and tried over forty jury trials to verdict, he has succeeded in obtaining incredible outcomes for clients. As a former senior public defender in Arapahoe County, Colorado, Jonathan cut his teeth on thousands of misdemeanors and quickly moved into a felony caseload that included COCCA, major drug trafficking, cases involving adult and child sexual assaults, armed robbery, violent crime, attempted murder, and homicides. Bloodstain pattern analysis, DNA, manner and cause of death, securities fraud, DUI toxicology, accident reconstruction, ballistics – Jonathan has both cross-examined experts in these areas and presented expert testimony. He has litigated complicated mental health issues and defenses including NGRI, mental condition, and competency.

Following his five years as a public defender, Jonathan worked at a prestigious criminal defense firm based in Boulder before joining Eichner Law, where his unprecedented commitment to achieving the best results expanded into serious white-collar felony cases such as public corruption, fraud, embezzlement, money laundering, internet crimes, as well as a broad spectrum of collateral consequences connected to criminal cases, including advising on regulation and professional licensing concerns, DHHS, dealing with student conduct and Title IX proceedings for university students, driver’s license administrative actions, and restraining orders.

Below are representative cases in which Jonathan distinguished himself. Many of the cases that he is most proud of are the ones where no charges were filed because he got them dismissed combining smooth diplomacy and tough negotiation, or he litigated dismissals through his motions practice. Jonathan also takes pride in the serious cases that he has taken to trial which he was able to win or secure convictions as to only lesser charges – avoiding decades in prison for his clients.

Representative Cases:

  • Client facing ten allegations of unlawful sexual conduct ends in acquittal of all ten charges after at two-week jury trial in Boulder, Colorado. This miraculous verdict was a re-trial after the first jury could not reach a verdict in 2023.
  • Won complete acquittal, jury trial in Boulder County on misdemeanor and felony rioting and property damage charges stemming from the Spring 2021 “University Hill Riot.” Mr. Greenlee’s client was the only one of a dozen defendants charged in connection with the riot to take his case to trial rather than enter a plea deal.
  • Won acquittal on an attempted-murder charge with convictions only on lesser offenses for a client involved in a shootout with an armed guard operating an armored truck during an attempted bank robbery in Arapahoe County.
  • Won suppression of all evidence resulting in dismissal of all charges for an illegal stop and search for a client facing numerous serious drug felonies for possession with intent to distribute over 300lbs of marijuana as well as other controlled substances in Mesa County. The search involved a CPS Trooper who then faced numerous allegations of other illegal stops and arrests, two of which resulted in cases in the Colorado Supreme Court upholding the illegality of his conduct.
  • Represented a woman charged with perjury for filing a “red flag” petition against the police officer who murdered her son.
  • Represented a client resulting in the complete dismissal of sexual assault charges during the investigation of his girlfriend’s disappearance.
  • Won complete acquittals on domestic violence charges in multiple jury trials in Boulder County based on self-defense.
  • Won complete acquittals at two jury trials in Boulder County on traffic charges related to an automobile striking and injuring a pedestrian and cyclist.
  • Won acquittal on criminal mischief and trespass charges at jury trial in Arapahoe County in a case that included a coerced confession from the defendant.
  • Won acquittal on 1st and 2nd Degree Assault charges with conviction on only lesser offenses in Arapahoe County.
  • Won acquittal on all charges for a client facing a felony DUI in Arapahoe County.
  • Won acquittal at jury trial on all charges for a client charged with DUI who refused to give a chemical test in Arapahoe County.
  • Won an appeal and new trial for a client convicted of misdemeanor offenses in Arapahoe County based on prosecutorial misconduct in closing arguments.
  • Negotiated dismissal of felony sexual assault on a child charge at preliminary hearing in Adams County.
  • Negotiated dismissal of aggravated robbery charges at preliminary hearing in Arapahoe County.
  • Secured dismissal of domestic violence charges in Arapahoe County based on a racially motivated arrest.
  • Secured dismissal of felony domestic violence charges against an at-risk victim in Arapahoe County.
  • Won dismissal of a years-old permanent protection order in Boulder County for a veteran to enable him to obtain employment.
  • Successfully represented a minor student against allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with another student resulting in no charges filed and no disciplinary action taken at his school.
  • Successfully convinced law enforcement to retract a warrant and ultimately not file charges against an elderly woman experiencing mental health issues and medication side effects resulting in an armed standoff with police in her home.
  • Successfully represented different clients in Denver, Boulder, Arapahoe, and Weld counties during the investigative phases of sexual assault charges resulting in no charges filed.
  • Secured multiple dismissals of DUI cases in counties including Boulder, Arapahoe, and Weld, through negotiation and litigation after filing motions challenging the legal basis to detain the driver.