Our client was a young, up-and-coming music producer. His talent had already captured the attention of some world-famous musicians who hired him as a tour manager to ensure that their worldwide, sold-out shows ran smoothly. While in his final year at the University of Colorado, he and his on-again, off-again girlfriend got into a noisy argument that resulted in an unsolicited intervention by the police. The police rounded up the usual domestic violence charges: assault, harassment, threats, and false imprisonment—charges that threatened to destroy his promising career just as it was beginning. 

Although first offenders are rarely jailed, a domestic violence conviction carries serious consequences that can alter a person’s life forever. Such penalties can affect a person’s parental rights, employment opportunities, housing opportunities, TSA/Customs boarding privileges, and ability to own a firearm, not to mention the stigma associated with being viewed as a convicted criminal. In our client’s case, a DV conviction would have also impaired his freedom to travel abroad and effectively driven his career to a screeching halt. At the jury trial, all the witnesses testified truthfully that our client never harmed the alleged victim or confined her against her will. The testimony, combined with the lack of injuries and physical evidence, led the jury to acquit our client in under ten minutes.

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