Clint Munoz grew tired of the hostile work environment at the corporation he worked at and so he quit. Three days later, a vindictive corporate executive went to the police and fabricated lies about Clint, leading to his arrest and a felony charge of theft. The prosecutor ultimately dismissed the unfounded case, and our team filed a lawsuit on Clint’s behalf against the corporation for the damages they caused to his life and career. The corporation hired a national law firm that spent huge sums of money and employed intimidating tactics to battle our claims and discourage us from going to trial. Unphased and unintimidated, we proceeded to a week-long jury trial where witnesses told the true story of the corporation’s abuse of power. The jurors in Weld County, Colorado awarded Clint a record-setting 2.7 million dollars after finding the corporation guilty of malicious prosecution and defamation. The judgment is the largest verdict of its kind in the history of Colorado, and one of the largest verdicts in the United States, stemming from a false allegation that led to criminal prosecution and our client spending one night in jail.

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