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Reviews & Endorsements

Below are representative endorsements and reviews from clients and other attorneys who have chosen to share their experiences working with The Eichner Law Firm. For a full list of all endorsements and reviews, please click here.

Attorney Endorsements

  • Former Federal Judge
    Daniel B. Sparr

"Ken displayed enormous raw talent in my courtroom."

  • Congressman
    Ed Perlmutter

"A superb trial lawyer."

  • Judge
    William M. Manico

"As the chief prosecutor of the homicide unit, I worked with Ken for many years. He is one of the brightest and most talented criminal trial lawyers I have ever seen—and I have seen many."

Client Reviews

  • Posted by Tim
  • October 25, 2018

Top Notch Defense Attorney

I unexpectedly needed a defense attorney recently. Ken Eichner was highly recommended by prominent local friends. He handled the government inquiry and media crush flawlessly. He guided me through the process seamlessly, eased my concerns until there were none. I HIGHLY recommend Ken. I would also like to add he has and continues to serve the LGBT in their legal matters. Doesn't hurt that he's from Maryland, too!

  • Posted by Sarah
  • October 11, 2018

Felony Dismissed. Ken is one of the best!

I was falsely accused and charged with a felony. I don’t want to get into the details but all I can say is Ken and his team, especially Kate Hennessy, were determined to get the felony dismissed – and they did. Kate and the team’s investigator left no stone unturned. If you need good representation for any criminal offense, you can be certain that the Eichner Law Firm is the best out there. I would definitely recommend the Eichner Law Firm.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • September 25, 2018

Spectacular Experience

I hired the Eichner Law and they flipped the script on the people hounding me. The case involved complicated civil restraining order litigation and Ken Eichner, Kate Hennessy and their investigator were spectacular and unbeatable.
Case dismissed. Very pleasant staff to deal with also. Highly recommended!

  • Posted by Gary
  • August 12, 2018

The Go-To Firm When There’s Trouble

I was facing serious criminal charges and googled “best criminal defense attorney” and that is what I got, and a bag of chips. Ken Eichner and his defense team looked under every rock and filed every legal motion until I got the result I wanted. Ken and his team are very highly rated on the internet but have truly earned their place at the table. They were relentless.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • August 5, 2018

A-List Attorneys

I was on the verge of being charged, which would have been costly in multiple aspects of my life. Eichner and his team derailed it through investigation and negotiation. Very helpful team and easy to work with and talk to. Recommend.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • July 24, 2018

Great Criminal Defense Team

I had a very serious issue that exposed me to both jail and regulatory consequences that would have ended my career. Eichner Law’s team protected me from both of those situations. Their responsiveness throughout the legal process was incredibly reassuring. I highly recommend them.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • May 29, 2018

Best reputation and strategy to ensure the best outcome

I hired the Eichner Law Firm and all we can say is that they get it done. I was charged with a messy felony assault case that would have trashed my career. Ken’s team investigated the case, made the right moves, filed the right legal docs, and knew the right people. This is a small firm that can tackle big cases, and I definitely recommend.

  • Posted by Shaun
  • May 19, 2018

Choose Ken, a life saver when things seem dreary

Ken simply put is that lone raft that magically appears after you’ve been shipwrecked and stranded at sea. As I anxiously floated in the unknown Ken was there to guide me through the difficult times and help me to reach clarity with my legal predicament. His voice was instantly calming and his ability to empathize and care for you as an individual is second to none. I immediately felt at ease as Ken made himself available to me morning and night. It didn’t matter the time and unlike other attorneys, Ken was easily reachable when you had a question or a problem. His response rate was equally impressive. Even to this day he communicates with me just to check on my well being which goes far beyond his call of duty. I highly recommend him and just cannot say enough. With Ken you don’t just get an attorney but also a dear friend that will lend you a hand and pull you from the wreckage when it seems everyone else has left you at sea.