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Reviews & Endorsements

Below are representative endorsements and reviews from clients and other attorneys who have chosen to share their experiences working with The Eichner Law Firm. For a full list of all endorsements and reviews, please click here.

Attorney Endorsements

  • Former Federal Judge
    Daniel B. Sparr

"Ken displayed enormous raw talent in my courtroom."

  • Congressman
    Ed Perlmutter

"A superb trial lawyer."

  • Judge
    William M. Manico

"As the chief prosecutor of the homicide unit, I worked with Ken for many years. He is one of the brightest and most talented criminal trial lawyers I have ever seen—and I have seen many."

Client Reviews

  • Posted by anonymous
  • January 17, 2018

Denver's Best Criminal Lawyer

I was charged with a serious felony which Ken Eichner and his team got dismissed. I was blown away by the size and strength of his team.

From the very first meeting he had a solid battle plan. Ken was able to pivot quickly with critical decisions that gave us an upper hand. Once we started he threw everything at it, from Ivy League researchers to former Navy Seal investigators.

The Eichner Law Firm destroyed the DA’s case and saved my life. It is pretty much that simple. Recommend with a capital R.

  • Posted by Serge
  • November 28, 2017

Prominent and Well-Respected

Our family had a problem with a white-collar crime allegation, and having no previous experience with a criminal allegation we needed someone with the right expertise and whom we could trust. We found the right person in Ken Eichner. He resolved the issue favorably and quickly.

We came to believe that his personality, his knowledge and his and his firm’s reputation played a role in that. I recommend using this firm, and Ken in particular.

  • Posted by Justin
  • November 3, 2017

Eichner Law firm TOP Notch!

I hired Ken for a white-collar crime case and enthusiastically recommend him. He is a seasoned trial lawyer who knew how to protect me. I was particular impressed with the financial experts that worked with him. Ken, its was a pleasure an thank you for everything!

  • Posted by Richard
  • November 2, 2017

Smart & Snappy

I contacted Ken on a traffic violation that would have left myself without a license. With in 24 hours I was contacted by Kate Hennessy letting me know that she would be taking over the case for Ken and assisting myself in any way she could to reduce the charges brought up. Kate was very thorough in her work and honest with her findings and opinions on what could or could not happen with my case. On the day of my hearing Kate continued to look over any information that was missed right up until the interaction with the Judge. I felt that Kate did an excellent job and put more than a 100% to dealing with my case.

Thanks Again!!

  • Posted by anonymous
  • October 18, 2017

Determined To Help You

I used the Eichner Law firm for a serious legal issue and Ken showed real determination in helping me.
He has a lot of experience and he helped me take control of the situation. I definitely recommend this firm.