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Notable Cases

Not Guilty Verdict in Domestic Violence Trial

Our client, a former airline pilot and systems engineer, was peacefully sitting in his house one evening when his wife attacked him with a three-hole punch. After he wrestled the weapon out of her hand, our client's wife called the police and he went to jail. He was charged with assault and the mandatory restraining order was issued. Later, when our client went back to his house to retrieve his property, another restraining order violation was issued. At his wife’s request, other family members issued additional restraining orders against our client—all to gain an advantage in a child custody battle. Our firm used transcripts from the divorce proceedings as well as tape recordings of several 911 calls made by his ex-wife to show the timing and pattern of each false allegation as it related to appearances in front of the divorce judge. The jury found our client not guilty in his criminal case and the judge dismissed the civil restraining order against him after a day-long trial.

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