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Notable Cases

Dismissal in Special Offender Drug Case

Our client, an independent car salesman, was charged with possession and intent to distribute two ounces of methamphetamine and possession of three firearms. After we were hired, our firm decided to take a multi-disciplinary approach to overcome these serious felonies. While one group of specialists focused on the constitutional aspects of the search warrant, another group executed a search of their own to find evidence to exonerate our client. We effectively created our own property locker and filled it with all the items the police had errantly left behind. By fingerprinting each item, we were able to show that our client was not the tenant of the apartment where most of the critical evidence was discovered. Additionally, we obtained the services of a mapping expert to show that the alleged crime was being prosecuted in the wrong jurisdiction and filed additional motions to go behind all the documents that were used in preparing the search warrant that was used to obtain evidence against our client. These aggressive and innovative approaches forced the district attorney to dismiss the case.

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