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Below are posts from members of The Eichner Law Firm's team of attorneys, investigators, and legal experts.

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Colorado's Revenge Porn Law Ramps Up

In what appears to be a growing area of criminal law, Colorado law enforcement are charging more and more people under the revenge porn law passed in 2014. As the law is relatively new and unknown, many alleged victims continue to seek civil remedies, but the trend is changing, exposing a large class of potential criminal defendants. For more, please see this article from the Denver Post.

DOJ Still isn't Buying what Congress is Selling

Congressional Republicans, led by Lamar Smith of Texas, have yet to persuade the Department of Justice (DOJ) to prosecute leaders at Platte River Networks (PRN) for asserting their 5th Amendment rights (see DOJ's response: DOJ Letter Rebuffing Congress). The Eichner Law Firm represented PRN before Smith's Committee on Science, Space, and Technology in 2016.

James Comey’s Testimony: the Circus and the Law of Congressional Investigations

Former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony last month before the U.S. Senate Intelligence Committee garnered nearly 20 million television viewers, not counting those who watched at bars or restaurants or through online streaming. Indeed, it was the highest-profile congressional testimony in decades, touted as “Washington’s Super Bowl,” and rivaling the NBA finals in ratings. And no wonder, as the testimony certainly made for interesting TV. Comey discussed his interactions with President Trump, accusing him of spreading lies about the FBI and Comey himself, as well as attempting to impede and ultimately firing Comey over the FBI’s investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

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Liability for Colorado Wildlife Crimes

We wrote recently about the Denver teenager who jumped into a fish tank at Bass Pro Shops in Stapleton and the potential criminal charges he could have faced.[1] This week we take another look at the incident, this time from the perspective of wildlife protection and possible injury to the fish species living in the Bass Pro Shops aquarium. While he was fortunate to escape serious personal injury and to avoid damaging the tank itself, could our young diver still face liability for harming or disturbing the fish?

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Irresponsible Teenager or Criminal Mischief-Maker?

Denver residents recently witnessed a unique example of risky and potentially self-destructive teenaged behavior when a young man jumped about thirty feet from an upper bridge into a fish tank in the center of the Bass Pro Shops location at Northfield Stapleton while his friends recorded video footage of the jump. He injured his head, but was not taken to the hospital, and appeared not to have caused damage to the aquarium itself. Bass Pro Shops retained an animal care team to assess the fishes’ health after the incident, and a company spokesperson indicated that the fish “were doing okay.” At the time, Denver police said the teenager could potentially face criminal charges for the jump if the aquarium or the fish had been damaged, and that the young man would be asked to go to a police station and meet with detectives in the subsequent week.

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